Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer here, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!

Do your prices include GST?

All pricing on this website is GST exclusive. GST is payable on top of all pricing for New Zealand residents.

What OS can you install for me on my server?

We can install an OS of your choice (on signup) from the following:

  • Debian (Latest Stable)
  • Ubuntu (Latest LTS)
  • CentOS 6.3

We are Microsoft® partners and can provide Microsoft® licensing on a monthly basis, please enquire for current pricing information for your required software.

  • Windows® Server 2003 (Requires Licence - You may provide your own, or purchase/lease a licence from us, please enquire)
  • Windows® Server 2008 (Requires Licence - You may provide your own, or purchase/lease a licence from us, please enquire)
  • Other OS may be supported on a best effort basis, please enquire now.

Can I upgrade my server?

In order to keep costs down, Chirpy Servers will be in set configurations, subject to availability. As we do not force you into any fixed-term contracts, you can feel free to purchase a new Chirpy server at any time we have upgraded options on offer. Then, after you have moved onto your new Chirpy server, just let us know you'd like to cancel the old one.

What is Lights Out Management (LOM)

Lights Out Management (also known as ILO) is a method of remotely monitoring certain sensors in your server. It also allows you to shutdown and boot up your server. Even if the server is in an unresponsive state, you should be able to gain access via LOM.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel my Chirpy Server?

We bill every month, so billing will run to the end of the month, and cancellations will take effect at the end of each month. You need to give us at least 5 working days notice before the end of the month that you would like to cancel on that month

I have just received my first invoice and it shows a charge for a part-month and a full month?

This is to bring you into line with our billing cycle. Your part-month charge is from the date your server was provisioned to the end of that month, and the full month is for the next full month. You will be billed each month for one month each time from now on.

Do you offer server management services?

Unfortunately, at this time, Chirpy Server does not offer any server management services. Our engineers are available to assist with hardware and networking issues only.

Do you offer telephone support?

Unfortunately, in order to reduce our overheads and offer very low prices, we do not currently offer telephone support. We plan to offer a telephone number very soon for emergencies related to hardware issues only, in the meantime, please e-mail us for support, and we will respond within two hours during normal working hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit card payments, as well as payment by direct credit. Cheque payments will incur a $5 cheque handling fee.

Chirpy partners with Direct Payment Solutions as our PCI DSS compliant secure online credit card processing provider.

How do you provide top quality servers so cheap?!

We are focused on efficiency, and so some servers may have had some use by customers before you. However, each server is fully re-conditioned before we provision it again, and we take extra care to ensure that any components prone to failure (i.e. hard disk drives) are tested and replaced with new equipment well before they reach our end-of-life expectations for server-grade equipment in a data-centre environment.